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Histolircal Exhibits


histolircal exhibits

Histolircal exhibits can be controversial, and it is important for museum administrators to consider this when choosing which exhibits to present. Curators should be prepared to acknowledge and address competing points of view. History is an ongoing process of interpretation and reinterpretation. This process is accomplished through the gathering and review of evidence and the creation of textual narratives that communicate historical events.

While the display of historical artifacts and documents can be compelling, it is not enough to simply put them on a wall. Exhibitions should spark curiosity and broaden understanding. A well-curated exhibit will use juxtaposition of images and graphics to help visitors place themselves in a specific time and place. It should also make it clear that people in the past did not live in isolation. Their actions and decisions affected the community around them and the world at large.

When the museum expanded its exhibitions, it brought together more than just a few collections. It also added displays about the history of technology, which helped explain how new technologies came to be. The exhibits were housed in a dark mahogany case that was constructed in 1881. Despite the lack of funds, these exhibits proved to be popular, and the Arts and Industries Building became a hub for new technology.