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How to Create Meaningful and Engaging Histolircal Exhibits

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The Public Historian is a journal that reports on current historical exhibits and reviews performances, live history events, and historical built environments. Its content ranges from the work of large, nationally recognized museums to smaller, regional institutions. It also includes comparative essays that compare the work of one museum with another.

Exhibitions are an excellent way to introduce people to history and to learn more about the subjects they are interested in. A good exhibition is a creative, multi-media way to tell a story, which can be engaging and enlightening. Using visual storytelling, rather than a text-based approach, makes history more meaningful to visitors. In addition, it allows visitors to experience the stories through the eyes of those who lived through these events.

When creating exhibits, museum administrators should consider the impact of the content on visitors. If a topic is controversial, they should acknowledge the opposing points of view and consider both perspectives. The goal is to educate and promote open debate. Although museums should avoid censorship, there may be cases when it will be difficult to prevent certain views from being presented in a neutral manner.

Increasing public interest in history has spurred the proliferation of historical exhibits in the United States. While much historical exhibition scholarship has focused on large, professional museums, the field has expanded and branched out into other settings. Some museums are now presenting these exhibits as traveling exhibits, which feature audiovisual and interactive components. Such exhibits may be hosted by cultural institutions throughout the state.

Jacob Lawrence, the preeminent visual storyteller of black history, uses Modernist forms and bright colors to narrate the American experience through the eyes of marginalized citizens. One of his most famous series of paintings is at the Peabody Essex Museum, located in Salem, Massachusetts.

The Third County Courthouse is a center of civic life for Staten Island. In the exhibit, visitors can learn about the building’s design and function. They can also learn about notable trials, the political process, and the county jail. A highlight of the Historic Richmond Town furniture collection is Bringing Up Baby, which showcases new scholarship about the significance of baby furniture.

The Everson Museum is another important institution in the city. The artist debuted his first works at the museum 43 years ago. Now he returns to show off his career-long interests. For example, his exhibits on diamond shape will explore the history of the diamond. The exhibit will be free for children nine and under.