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Museum Jobs and Museum Tours



A museum is a place where people gather to view artifacts, learn about history and culture, and meet other people. Museums have grown to be some of the most important landmarks in the United States. The Louvre, the Smithsonian, the Guggenheim and the National Museum of Natural History are just a few examples of popular museums.

Museums are not only places where people learn and explore, they are also important research centers and cultural resources. In fact, each year, museums generate more than $50 billion in economic activity. If you are interested in working in a museum, you should find out what the job entails. There are a variety of positions, including guides, curators, conservators, educators and administrators.

Curators are responsible for the care and presentation of a museum’s collection. They work with other professionals to design exhibits that will engage the public. It is crucial that curators stay current on the latest trends in museology. This means that they should regularly attend conferences and scholarly publications. These types of jobs require a doctoral degree and a minimum of two years of related professional experience.

Another popular museum career is an outreach director. They work with the public to create school tours, fundraise, and create special events. By connecting the museum’s message with the curriculum, they can improve the lesson. Outreach directors also meet with potential donors and send representatives to schools.

For more information on the roles, visit the Museum of Fine Arts Tucson website. They accept applications for future opportunities. Also, they offer a limited number of internships each semester. Some of their programs, such as the museum’s Learning Center, are free to the public. You can also volunteer.

The Japanese Art Collection Assistant works with the Curator of Japanese Art to ensure that all new acquisitions are cataloged in the TMS system. This job also involves participating in mandatory institutional safety training and establishing an organization for the collection with minimal guidance.

While there are many positions at a museum, it is important to keep in mind that each position is unique. Most employees are passionate about their work, and enjoy sharing their knowledge with others. Many museum employees are interested in teaching. Teachers can plan classes and special events and may even collect entrance fees.

Tour guides provide tours of the museum and share their knowledge about the artifacts and historical periods displayed. The public is encouraged to ask questions. Docents may also be involved with collecting entrance fees.

Other jobs in a museum involve conservation, archiving, and art handling. They are also supported by technology, and most museums strive to show their artifacts in context with other objects.

One of the most coveted museum jobs is that of a curator. As the leader of the museum’s collection, the curator must work closely with other professionals to make sure that the museum’s exhibits are engaging and that the museum’s collections are well taken care of. Curators also lead assigned projects.