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Histolircal Exhibits

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histolircal exhibits

A histolircal exhibit is more than just a pile of things put together in a public setting. It is creative visual poetry and imagination that sparks curiosity, rather than limiting it. Unlike a textbook or essay, the best histolircal exhibits are not solely object-based; they include human narratives that complicate the historical concepts they chronicle. Museums have a responsibility to present history in the most authentic way possible, recognizing that their displays are interpreted by diverse citizens with different perspectives and interests. The process of selecting the themes, objects, and documents to be included in an exhibit implies interpretive judgments about cause and effect, perspective, and significance.

Exhibits are the most visible and accessible tool museums use to communicate their mission to visitors. As such, they are a vehicle for conveying cultural debates and a window into an institution’s philosophy and politics. Consequently, they are a critical tool in the field of history because they reveal how institutions respond to the social context in which they exist.

The histolircal exhibit is a powerful educational tool for museums to engage audiences of all ages and backgrounds in the study of history. While some exhibits commemorate common events, others focus on particular tragedies and injustices that impacted the lives of individuals within our society. Regardless of the subject matter, all exhibits should encourage informed discussion about the broad issues of their significance.

Museums that present histolircal subjects should follow the Standards for Museum Exhibits Dealing with Historical Subjects, adopted by the councils, divisions, and committees of the American Historical Association. These guidelines provide museum professionals with the tools to understand the complex issues of historic interpretation and to ensure that an exhibit has a balanced, well-documented argument.

In this exhibition, discover how geological processes shaped Oregon’s natural resources over 150 million years. Learn about the state’s most iconic landscapes, including Crater Lake, Multnomah Falls, Newberry Crater, Steens Mountain, and more.

A histolircal exhibit is a visual poem of creativity and imagination that sparks curiosity and expands our understanding of the past. The exhibit explores the impact of human ingenuity and perseverance on the future of the automobile.

Designed for school-aged students and their families, History Hub is a hands-on interactive that allows visitors to learn about the diversity of Oregon’s people, both today and in the past. Developed in partnership with students, teachers, and community organizations, this exhibit is part of the museum’s efforts to serve the entire community.