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Museum Jobs That Match Your Passions



Getting a job in a museum requires a diverse set of skills. Depending on the type of museum you work in, your responsibilities may range from curating to conservation and archiving. If you’re interested in working in a museum, there are a number of opportunities to find your passion. These positions are not limited to specific fields, but should reflect the diversity of your institution’s mission and vision. Listed below are just a few of the many different kinds of museum jobs available.

Experience in a museum is a plus. The right candidate for a role at a museum will have a solid track record in working with a diverse group of people. Experience with managing volunteers is a great asset, as is working with large groups. Additionally, a museum internship will allow you to experience a variety of job specialties. As a bonus, you can join a professional society to get discounts on museum membership. In addition, museums often offer student rates.

A marketing director oversees the entire museum’s marketing strategy. They implement a marketing strategy, work with the Executive Management team to create and implement a sound marketing plan, and communicate with target audiences and staff. The role is also responsible for overseeing the museum’s social media presence and engagement, as well as implementing sponsored posts. The position also has strong knowledge of organizational development, HR management, and marketing principles. Ultimately, the position is responsible for driving visitor traffic to the museum and making sure that it remains profitable.

A museum career can combine passions for history, culture, art, and music. Before you embark on a museum career, you must acquire the necessary knowledge to be successful. A degree in history or art can help you achieve your career goal. In this field, you must have a passion for learning and sharing information. You can start with an online history degree to gain the skills you need. You’ll need to be curious and organized in order to lead the tours effectively.

The Smithsonian National Museum of American History offers free admission on Tuesdays. This museum is normally closed on Tuesdays, but on October 9th, the Smithsonian is hosting a virtual event from DC, which is intended to disrupt the status quo and move the nation towards equal protection and love. The Communities for Immunity project provides resources and a survey to measure public sentiment on COVID. Your gift helps keep history alive for future generations.

The Museum’s education coordinator oversees and manages its education department. They work closely with state and local inspectors, overseeing the work of staff members and creating departmental policies and procedures. The coordinator also assists in gallery upkeep and activity coordination in the “hands on” family gallery. The Education Coordinator is also responsible for maintaining equipment and supplies for programs. All of these duties are extremely important for the success of the Museum. You may also find it rewarding to be part of the Museum’s education department.