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What is a Museum?

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A museum is a place where people can learn about things that are important in history. There are many different types of museums around the world, but they all have one thing in common: they collect and protect objects that have significance to their communities.

In this episode, we talk to Natalie, the curator at MIT List Visual Arts Center, about what a museum really is. She explains that there are some great things about her job, but it can also be very stressful and difficult at times.

The museum definition is a process that ICOM members and committees participate in. It is a process where museums can be defined in accordance with ICOM’s core values, including inclusion, accessibility, sustainability and ethics.

This definition process is a democratic and open one and it is meant to encourage all members and committees to consider their responses. In order to facilitate this, ICOM developed a new methodology that was first used during Consultation 2 and 3.

The Standing Committee for the Museum Definition (MDPP) began working on a new museum definition in January 2019. This is in response to a number of changes in the ICOM membership and to improve the way committees conduct their consultations.

To begin the process, MDPP2 gathered data from members and committees to find out how they were using the term “museum” and what their concerns were with the current ICOM definition. This information was then analyzed and five proposals were drafted for discussion by ICOM members and committees.

The final definition proposal was voted on by ICOM members at the Extraordinary General Assembly of ICOM in Prague. The new definition includes a number of new concepts, such as “inclusivity,” “accessibility” and “sustainability”. It also places an emphasis on ethical practices. The new ICOM definition will ensure that museums are inclusive of a wide range of perspectives when collecting and interpreting artifacts. It will also push museums to be more inclusive when it comes to their community engagement efforts outside of the museum building.