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What Is a Museum?

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A museum is a public institution that exhibits and conserves collections of cultural, scientific, or artistic importance. The ICOM defines a museum as a permanent institution dedicated to preserving collections. According to Elaine Heumann Gurian, the definition of a museum can be classified into categories based on the emphasis of the museum. Some museums prioritize objects, while others place a high priority on the nation-state or its people. But the categories are not final, she said.


In 1946, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) defined a museum as any collection that is open to the public, but excludes libraries and permanent exhibition rooms. The ICOM defines a museum as a permanent institution devoted to the acquisition, conservation, and exhibition of cultural heritage. In short, a museum is an educational facility with educational objectives and a public mission. In order to create an engaging and informative environment for people, a museum must meet certain standards.

The ICOM General Conference voted to approve the new definition of a museum. The new committee is based on the needs expressed by the membership. It is a two-stage process, requiring four rounds of consultation and a vote at the next ICOM General Conference in 2022. It is structured into 11 steps and will take around 18 months. A proposal has been made for a proposed timeline starting December 10, 2020, and ending in early May 2022. The schedule is subject to change based on circumstances, so it should be checked frequently.

The best way to find out if a museum has any new positions is to visit the Leicester University Museum Jobs Desk, which posts new roles posted by museums in the UK. While there are plenty of large organisations that recruit, it may be best to start with a smaller organization if you’d like to build a broad skill set. Similarly, you can also volunteer with a smaller museum and gain more experience in a smaller environment.

A museum is an institution that cares for a collection of objects or artifacts. Many public museums display their collections for the public to view. Some museums are large and serve researchers, while others are geared toward the public. It’s important to choose a museum based on its location and purpose. In a small town, a local museum will usually provide the community with a sense of place. This will give visitors a sense of belonging and provide a place to learn about the history of their city.

There are many different types of museums. The most common type is a traditional museum where you can see artifacts from various cultures and countries. These museums may be small, but they all have unique collections of artifacts, which means that they have a unique collection of artifacts. A museum’s staff members have the knowledge and expertise necessary to curate a collection. They are also capable of creating displays and displaying them.